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The Journey By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 5620

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It was like his world stopped moving, when zaid said those words.



The word was repeating itself like a mantra in yusuf's mind.

How dare he!

How could a father subjected his daughter to this kind of pain!

He was shocked, surprised, angry, furious but what he felt most was rage.

He felt an unfathomable rage.

Yusuf moved near zaid while zaid raised his hand in mockery surrender.

"Not so soon son in law" zaid said mockingly.

Yusuf glanced at Sofia, her face was motionless, no emotion, nothing. Her eyes was distance. She looked at him warily like a stranger.

He had damaged her soul.

This man had killed her soul, the sprinted fire, cheerful girl.

"Let's get inside son, we won't want your wife to be standing" his eyes twinkled with mockery.

They went inside, zaid sat on a throne like chair. His face looked familiar to Yusuf, but Yusuf was not here to dwelled on it.

Yusuf was served drink, but he didn't trust him to drink it.

"What do you want, tell me " Yusuf said going straight to the point. He did not had the time for pleasantries.

Those past months without her were an executing pain for him.

He missed her, her voice, touch, scolding _everything.

"Wow!, I like that tone son-in-law...." Yusuf cut him off him off.

"I'm not you son in law" he gritted out. "You weren't the one that give her hands in marriage to me" he said keeping his cool.

Zaid looked at him with a sadistic smirk.

"What has she done to you, to deserves all these " Yusuf said trying to reason.

"Why?" asked Yusuf, in softened voice.

"She did so many things, I can never leave her alone, until she feels what I

hing happily.

"I released her last two years, because my boy here was in love with her and had pay for her" he said pointing to Khaleed while Khaleed was smirking.

"I realised her, so that he could have her, like the whore she is buy she caught your eyes".

"Her pathetic fake father came to me and said I should leave her alone .I was enraged, I killed him. Nobody talks to me like that. I was happy because I killed but was angry that you were there to comforted her" he smiled like he has won lottery.

"Then my little gem came crying and told me you were getting married, and nobody makes my gem cry and go away with it".

"I heard Sophia was kidnapped, I told my guys to bombed the house little did I know it was my daughter, it was my gem that kidnapped her and she was dead"

She was a murderer.

She killed my little gem.

She killed Zainab.

Before he could continue two gun shot was heard.

Loud thud was heard.

He saw zaid body fell down

And Sophia body fell with a loud thud

Everything froze

He was frozen, shocked, broken

Noooooo, don't leave me. He shouted.


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