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   Chapter 21 Book 1 , 19

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I was praying to Allah because he was all Hearer and Seer. This pain was too much for me, being kidnapped twice! One by a maniac, obsessed Ex and now by this man.

"Ya Allah save me, let me be free. He's going to truly break me this time. Ya Allah, you were the one who saved and protected prophet Yunus inside the fish. Please hear my cries. Ya Allah, guide, protect and pardon all my sins." I was visibly shaking with fear of the unknown.

"Bring her out, " a voice boomed out.

Some men came inside and held my hand. I thrashed around "Please save me, don't take me to..." My words were cut off by a slap.

"Say one more word there and then I will be glad to make your death painful and slow" snarled the man making me shriveled away.

"Chain her down, " the person growled out and I physically tensed as he looked at me with so much hatred.

What had I did so wrong to deserve so much hatred? What were my mistakes that this he wanted to destroy me so badly?

I was already brimming with tears.

I missed you, mama, Lut, Maryam and especially Yusuf. I loved you all. I was saying my last prayer.

"Cuff her hands and legs, discard her clothes. I'm going to destroy and damage you so badly that even your husband won't be able to repair you, " the man said with complete wickedness.

"What did I say about us meeting again, little Sophy, " he said.

"What a pleasant way to meet you, " I reply sarcastically in my head.

My hands and legs were cuffed to the chair and with nothing except for my underwear and I started crying profusely.

"Little Sophy, I just want to ask you some questions, but now you are a crying mess" he shook his head in disapproval

His voice changed; it was hard, dark. "What did I tell you about crying?" he asked taking a whip out and whipped me on my exposed leg.

I cried out in pain. It hurt more than what I was used to from him. I choked and replied, "It is a sign of weakness sir" my body was trembling tremendously

"And what are you doing?" He spat in my face.

"I'm crying, " I was a sobbing mess now.

"What's the punishment for it?" He asked titling his head, his eyes glinted evilly.

"Twenty whips, " I whimpered.

He patted my head adorably when it was nothing. "Even after many years, you still remembe

ver and over again.

I couldn't stop the tears from falling.

He had finally broken me-damaged me.

I was nobody.

No one would love me or save me.

I was pushed into a hug and I glanced up through my wet eyelashes, seeing at Khaleed. He looked at me worriedly.

"What's he doing here" I wondered.

"Why do they hurt me so much? what have I done? Is it a crime to wish to live?" I said. "Please, make it stop. Make it go away. Please, it hurts..." My voice suddenly broke off into a low whisper. "It hurts so much".

His hand went behind me and brought me to his chest, indicating me to rest on it. "I'm here for you, love. I'm sorry for coming late." I pushed him away.

A man came and dragged me to an open arena. I didn't protest or trash, as I allowed him.

"Your knight in shining armour is around, " he said mockingly.

I didn't feel anything-happiness, relief, sadness. Nothing.

Scar of the soul was worst than anything.

My soul felt broken. I just couldn't feel anything.

I saw him-Yusuf. He had changed a lot in this past months. He looked tired, furious, sad as he looked at me with guilt, love, pity.

But I looked like a walking corpse.

The person walked to me and gripped me tightly and said, "Why don't you introduce me to you lover-boy?"

I said nothing because there was nothing to say. If I talked, I'll get beaten and besides, I didn't even remember how to talk.

"Oh, little Sophy can't talk. I've trained her to become a mute, " he said proudly. . . .

"I'm proud to say that I'm Zaid Brown-the real father of Sofia. She is my illegitimate daughter."


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