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The Journey By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 5608

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He was sitting in the library when his phone rang.

"Hello, Yusluv, " Zainab voice slurred out.

"I'm busy now, " he said agitatedly, ready to hung up before she interrupted him.

"Wait, what happened?" She asked worriedly.

"I'm alright. How is your husband? My regards to him, " he said tiredly.

"Yusuf, you know that you can tell me anything. We are always each other's rocks."

"OK. Later, please. I'm coming to your apartment, " he hung up, sighed, then pinched his nose bridge in frustration.

He rested his head on his hands. He couldn't even think without her. The CCTV cameras didn't show anything-everything was blurred. The person behind it knew him very well.

He sighed and got to his room to freshen up and got some sleep.


"Assalamualaykum, " he entered Zainab apartment and took a seat.

He sat on the chair and heard her said, "a minute, I'm coming".

He was busy typing furiously on his phone, giving orders to his PA, when he felt a soft hand on his shoulder. She was massaging him softly like luring him to sleep, but that was the least thing on his mind..

He needed his drug- Sophia.

He missed her.

He just wanted her with him.

He swatted her hand away displeasing.

He glanced up to looked at her and he saw she was only on her lacy underwear.

He shrieked and jumped up from his seat as he put some distance between them.

" Zainab, what's all this, " he growled, looking elsewhere.

"Yusluv, " she purred in a low seductive voice. Her voice sounded like a shriek in his brain.

She tried to move closer but he shouted at her. "Zainab, are you drunk?! I'm married and I love my wife, " he yelled.

best, " she mocked out.

She moved forwards to her and took out a knife and she cut her wrist with it, as blood oozed out from there.

He'd never been so useless in his life. He felt like he was nothing. Worthless.

As he took a step forward, a loud bang was heard and everything was in flame, it was like fog happened.

After some minutes, he looked in front of him and saw that Sophia was no longer tied to her chair. She was nowhere to be found. He glanced around and saw Zainab's dead body who had a bullet hole on her forehead.

It was like a dream-everything happened so fast in puff.

Sophia was not there and Zainab was dead.

But how?


Everything happened in blurred. I saw flames and then I felt someone carrying me.

After some minutes or hours of  struggling, I was thrown down like a sack. Trying to move, I heard the voice that always taunted me in my dreams. All my fears and terrors was in front of me.

He was back

"Welcome back, little Sophy, we meet again, " the voiced greeted.

I'd been kidnapped again!!!

Ya Allah help me. I'm surely doomed.


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