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Something did not feel right. He had a gut feeling that something bad was going to happened. Since the moment he left home, he was feeling like something was not right, but he shook it off and drove off.

Zainab was in need of assistance; she was his childhood friend but everything changed since the last three years. He dated her for six months before he broke up with her and realised that she was like a younger sister. He wished he had realised that sooner.

Even his parents wanted them to marry each other except his granny. Her parents too were wealthy but not like them. Her parents were divorced when she was still little but her father still loved her mother; he could always saw it clearly in his eyes when he talked about how amazing she his wife was.

Reaching outside her apartment, he knocked on her door. "Zainbee, open the door. I'm outside, " he called her softly.

He chuckled at the memories of how they gave themselves nicknames. He remembered how Zainab was so obsessed with bees when she was young, always running after it before was tired of it and named her Zainbee. When she couldn't come up with a name for him, then she started calling him Yusluv.

But since he met his wife and married, he had been searching for the opportunity to tell her to stop calling him that. His wife was somehow jealous and hotreded lady but she was a forgiving time.

When no one answered the door, he noticed that it was ajar and he entered and sat on the couch.

She came out of her room, crying and hiccupping.

"Zainbee, calm down and tell me what happened, " he told her whilst holding her hand and rubbing it, trying to comfo

her study table was neat.

His heart was beating harder than normal. He went to the living room and nothing again.

Where could she be!. He thought loudly.

He called her phone but it was off.

Shutting the living room door behind him, he strode to the kitchen. He turned the kitchen knob but it was already unlocked.

"Wifey, what do you think you are doing?" He said trying to calm his  heart but found nothing. Except broken plates and smeared blood.

He rushed back to the living room and grabbed his phone dialling Royhan.

"Oh God, " he muttered, now the panic had set in.

"Sofia!" He shouted out of rage and hurt.

"Sophia, " he growled, sending his fist into the glass as the glass shattered around his hand. The broken glasses pierced his skin but he didn't feel anything.

His body was numbed because his drug wasn't around.

He felt rage like nothing before as blood pumped through his body.

He was going to kill the person behind it himself without the help of the police. If they ever think of laying or hurting her, they were going to pay.

He vowed.


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