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The Journey By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 3836

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The man walked inside and I sighed in relief when I saw that it was not the person I was dread to see.

"How was your trip to wonderland, " he walked near me and clapped his hands.

"Think, Sofia; if Maryam is this situation, what would she do? She is extroverted while I am not"I thought

"Come on, do like yourself, " my subconscious said. Alhamdulillah that it was not giving me snarky comment, I hated it sometimes but I loved it.

I looked at the man in eyes. This man had boyish face: I thought he would be in his early twenties. He was taller than me but definitely not tall like my Yusuf.

My Yusuf!

My heart yearned for him. Would he miss me? Would he find me?

Well, no. He was with Zainab, having fun. I missed him and I needed him.

He was my drug and I was addicted to him. He was my rock.

He had always been there for me through papa's death, nightmares, terrors and illness.

You never know the worth of something until it get lost.

And even after what I did to him, he still loved me.

"Love you?" The taunting voice in my brain said, laughing wickedly. "If he loved you, he would not have left you to go to

th. Here I was to help him get some relief, " she said. Some minutes passed, moans and grunts were heard before the phone was disconnected.

Tears welled up in my eyes. "How can he do that? No he can't. I don't believe you, I trust him. I don't believe in what I hear. Seeing is believing, if I see it then I will believe, " I said coldly.

The man was shocked but before he had the time to talk, I cut him out. "If he says yes I did it, I will believe him. And if he says no, then no."

"Well, Zainab is coming for you." he raised his brow.

"Is she the one behind this?" I asked wanting to be sure.

"Yup, " he said, popping the p.


I saw red-enraged and hurt.

Zainab was behind this! That devil bitch!

She kidnapped me!


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