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The Journey By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 5256

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He had been watching her since the previous week that her father had taste to death. She hadn't cry out, her lips were always quivering and he always noticed a lone tears on her face which she quickly cleaned, murmuring some words under her breath.

He was tired of this brooding even though she disliked him which was 100% opposite, he missed her. He knew the pain of when someone closed to us die but this was too much. She wasn't crying out, she was killing herself inside little by little.

She was miserable.

He'd to called her best friend to come maybe she could cheered her up but it was futile. Both of them just wallowed in their miseries. Even though when his friend- Royhan came to visit for condolence, Maryam didn't even glanced at him.

He went to the kitchen and brew a coffee; she never joked with her food nor coffee but since the incident she hadn't been eating.

It was depressing and hurt.

He went to where she sat at the corner of the room, that had became her favorite place in the whole house.

He crouched to her eyes level, and handed her the coffee.

"It has enough sugar with milk, how you like it" he said softly.

"I'm reading"she replied weakly while she tried to wipe the tears.

" Ok" he replied.

"Don't mind me, this book is making me emotional"she sniffled while he shook his head softly.

"No wifey, I've given you enough space. Let it out love"he said gently, hugging her closer to him, making her head to rested on his shoulder.

"He left, he...he left" she cried, her lips trembled while he patte


"It is very important and part of our life. Adzkar is remembrance of Allah and the prophet (SAW)" I said " adzkar is the weapon of a believer" I added softly.

"Well, truth to be tell, I don't know any" he said sadly looking down, I was shocked and surprised. It baffled me.

"How" I inquired inquisitively.

"My papa didn't allow it, when I was Young. He just wanted me to learn the Quran to show off to  his friends that his son is an Hafiz. And here I am with full Qur'an up here" he gestured to his head. "But without having the knowledge of Hadith or adzkar" he said sadly.

"I want to but there's no time" he said dejectedly.

"There's always time if you leave the time". I lectured, "but I can help" I announced.

"How?"  he asked in small voice.

"I will teach you" his lit up like a baby given a present on his Eid*. (Muslims festivals).

"Then will you be my teacher?" he asked softly, afraid whether I would change my mind.

I smiled and nodded my head in affirmation "yes, I will"

And the he .....


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