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It had been weeks since the incident with my period. I giggled, remembering what happened to my poor husband. He was stuck with me forever.


"Is this what I asked you to buy" I yelled at him and threw it away, it hit him on his forehead. He could never feel the pain because it was soft and fluffy.

"Buu_t you didn't tell me what to buy" he stuttered, looking mortified while I grinned wickedly at the back of my mind.

Pay back to the bitch because I never forced you to marry me and this is what my father used to do whenever I was on my period. I smiled evilly at my thought.

"I can't go back" he shook his head, as if he was trying not to remember what happened.

Whatever who cares. I rolled my eyes

"I don't care, I need it" I said softly, looking at the floor, faking tears.

"Oh who could think you'll be good in crocodile tears?" my brain snickered while I replied "shut up".

"Okey" he sighed agreeing, "what should I buy?" he gulped, looking everywhere but me.

"Tell the lady, you want to buy 'Always '. She will show you. And please when you are coming back, don't forget to buy me bars of ice chocolate" I said with excitement. I smiled sensually, nibbling my lips.

Who doesn't like chocolate!

He stared at me and smiled sheepishly while scratch his neck, before retracting to the door. He shut the door behind him and I jumped on the couch happily.

Here I come mooovie!!!

I was rewatching "The Fault in Our Stars ". I'd watched it almost like hundredth time. I'd read the book but I preferred the movie than the book.

I started crying, the movie was emotional. It wasn't easy to be a cancer patient. I pitied Isaac, Augustus and hazel. The movie plus stomach cramp would never let me be.

kind of trance. I was hearing voices but I didn't whose voice is it. My head started to spin, I held on the counter for support.

"What happened farosha*, I heard your voice. What happened?", he shook me, I shivered and look at him in eyes. (butterfly in Arabic)

Tears were brawling out of my eyes, I didn't know what to say. I wanted to but my vocal and brain weren't compiling right now.

He shushed, telling me everything was okay. I shook my head vigorously in disagreement.

"Papa" my voice crooked, he nodded his showing me he understood, what I wanted to say.

"Papa" I said again but no words was coming out.

"He's- - he's in the hospital" I bursted out in another wave of tears.

"Shhh, it's okay"he whispered.

"It's not"I shook my vehemently, "but he was okay last week, nothing happened to him"I rambled on while choking on tears.

"I understand", he said getting up.

"Where are you going?"I asked him, I needed him here.

"The car key"he said, taking the key from the table along with his jacket.

He came to me and put it on his jacket and crouched down to put on my socks for me.

Then we headed out to the hospital


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