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The Journey By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 5633

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Since my encounter with my husband, I'd been hiding in my room except for meals.

The room was so big that, it had its own big jacuzzi, mini library and a dinner room. I loved the room, it was full of books that I loved to read.

I woke up with a running stomach, I groaned and got out of the bed. I tipped toe inside the kitchen to get food. It was only food that could get me out of bed.

I entered the kitchen and the aroma of brew coffee made my stomach growled.

Sorry baby, mama gonna feed you now. I patted my tommy dramatically.

I settled myself on the counter, took two sliced of bread with noodles, yummy!!.

After meal, I retracted back to my room, to dwell myself in my work-books.

The house was silent, Yusuf had gone to work, Jane - our househelp wasn't her because it was her day off.

Upon getting to my room, I felt the urge to make a little garden. I put on my yoga cloth with my cape and went out.

Yusuf POV

He entered the house and saw everything was cleaned. He wondered who cleaned and rearranged the setting of the house but wow it was beautiful.

He entered the second sitting room and saw his beautiful princess on the couch.

Her head was on the floor while her legs was hung on the couch, there were many used toilet rolls on the floor. She was watching a movie and crying - what was wrong?.

He was concerned about what has happened to her.

He cleared my throat, "what happened?" He asked worriedly.

"Are you here to mock me or what???!!!" she backed at him while scowling.

"I'm sorry wifey but can I ask you, the reason why you are crying" he asked softly looking at the TV and noticed she was watching 'Five Feet

at he requested.

"I hope you are okay sir" the lady asked concerning.

He nodded his head because, he didn't  trust his words for that moment.

He summoned courage, this was it.

"I want to buy that ladies things"he breathed out quickly while the lady smiled softly at him as if she understood his feelings.

"What type sir"she inquired.

"Which one did you think is the best" he requested.

"That is the section for woman sanitaries"she responded pointing to the ladies personal use shelf.

He was more embarrassed now.

Some ladies were gigglingand pointing to him, he was mortified. He was grateful that no one could recognize me with his hood on.

This was it.

This was  for wifey, wifey was in pain.

He took the first one his hand reached and went to the cashier before he ran out without checking the name the product he picked.



He got home and showed her the one he bought. She screamed at him and threw it on his face telling him to returned it because she didn't use that type of product.

"I use Always, not Diva" she yelled.

He was royally screwed.


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