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Before the wedding

Yusuf POV

He was checking the papers on his table when his office door was yanked opened.

His best friend- Royhan entered with a scowling face and muttering some curses under his breath but he heard it.

He was surprised because his friend often curses. Something must have happened. He chuckled lightly.

"What happened bro?"he asked him curiously.

Royhan raised his head up and said" I met a devil in disguise today".

"Devil?" He asked while Royhan nodded his head holding his red ear.

"I saw a beautiful lady this morning when I was coming. I was awestruck with her beauty, then I wish to meet her and.." he looked flustered, " Then, I followed her to the mall, waiting for her outside. On her way out, I talked to her and she abruptly left me standing. Then I followed her to her car but mistakenly hitting her on her butt. Sincerely, I didn't mean to" Royhan stopped talking, he was on deep thought.

What have happened to him?, yusuf wondered.

"Then?" Yusuf waited patiently for him to continue.

"Then...." he trailed off, scratching his head.

"Then what happened?" Yusuf was impatient now.

"She slapped me hard on my face" he replied cheaply, holding his right face.

The palm print was there.

Wow, the lady must have smacked him hard. Yusuf thought.

Yusuf was shocked, his mouth was opened, he couldn't close it.

"She what!!" Yusuf stuttered.

"slapped me, after that she kicked me on my..... Then she...."Yusuf  was short of words, he was surprised. The lady  was an iron lass.

" This girl was really intimidating, she gave me chill round my body.

e gods. I'm Maryam - Sophia's one and only friend."she chimed. Was she bipolar?, first she was threatening him now she was exchanging pleasantries.

"Erm... I'm" she raised her hands up 'leave it'

"Sophia is a meek girl- she has the courage of a tigress, adorable as a kitten and brave as a lioness" she smiled knowingly at him. Her eyes twinkled with happiness.

"Do you want her to love you?" She asked while he nodded.

"She's obsessed with kdrama, her favorite colour is blue. She doesn't have a favorite food also. I hope that help you to gain her heart" he was really grateful for giving her the information he needed.

"Well" she dragged, "if you want her to be happy with you, just buy her chocolate." She grinned cheekily. "She doesn't like materials thing, you can't use money to buy her love but just use attentiveness and chocolate. I swear to God she will fall for ya. Trust me" she stood up.

"That's all what I came to tell you but if you make her cry. I swear to God who created me, I will become your worst nightmare" she threatened.



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