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   Chapter 35 Truth About Her Friends

Love Has No Bond By INNOCENT_SOUL17 Characters: 5799

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I don't doubt her love for me, I just want her to move on. I know how much she was hurt after coming from India. I just want her to be stressless. I know somewhere she is still hurt because of them.

I was in my thoughts when the door of my room opened. I look towards to see dad and Lilliana standing there.

"Hey bro, have a fight with Aru?" Lilliana asked

"Yes, she doesn't want to get transferred back to India, " I said

"I know, " Lilliana said

"What? How? When?" I asked

"When we went to do her admission process we had a talk, " She replied

"If you know Arunama is not going back then why you asked me if Aru goes then will I allow you to go or not?" Dad asked and I raised my eyebrow what's going on in this little devil's brain

"I think she has a fear, " She said

"Fear?" I asked

"She was left alone, she fears to be alone again, " Mom came out of nowhere and said

"Exactly, we shall make her open to us little more, " She said

"You mean she afraid to be left alone so she refuses to return back, " I asked

"Yes, so I will go with her and we have to teach that group a lesson too, " Lilliana said

"You don't interfere in that matter, " I said

"You have nothing to do with this matter, " She said

"But..." I tried saying but was cut off by her

"I am going to college, dad you promise me don't back of now, " She said

"Ok, if you go with them I agree, " He said

And with that, she walks out of my room.

"She chooses the correct profession, " Mom said

"And her first patient is my wife, " I said

And we all laughed at that...


I was sitting college campus, for my next lecture there still time. So I was sitting on campus. When suddenly,

ngs. And the thing I remember everyone feared me, after helping them, " I said

"They didn't fear you in fact. Everyone admires you. But all were afraid of your those two friends, " He said

"What do you mean?" I asked

"In your name, they did many things, but everyone knew you and them very well. So said nothing, because you would believe them not us, " He said

"Are they that bad?" Ayat asked

"In fact of the college authorities had removed Arunama instead of doing proper investigation then we all students would have raised our voice, " He said

"My God, I didn't know I was so popular, " I said

We all talked and ate breakfast and then walked out of the cafe. We went to college in different cars.



What did this Arjun do now? I won't leave him if he is the reason behind Arunama being hospitalised. I reached the hospital and Lilliana came out to get us. We walk to the ward were Arunam was being kept. To see her whole old group standing and the doctor just walked out of the ward, "Who is the guardian of the patient?" Doctor asked

"I am the guardian of the patient, her husband Ayat Chaudhary

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