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   Chapter 27 FIRST KISS

Love Has No Bond By INNOCENT_SOUL17 Characters: 5355

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This 2 days went so fast I didn't realize when I was standing in front of Ayat, with a ring in his hand, waiting for me to forward my hand towards him. I for once closed my eyes and the first thing which I saw was me and Arjun first meeting, then I saw me saving him from bullies, then how we grew up together, then parties with my friends, and finally the last hospital talk between us. Finally, it all went black and I see a small light coming from the front I walk towards it, finally, a hand came in front of me, I look up to see Ayat asking me for hand.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. To see Ayat standing there with a smile on his face and I smiled back and gave my hand to him, he put the gold ring with a small diamond studded on it, on my ring finger. I did the same with him, I put a gold ring which had a small heart studded on it with a diamond in between on his ring finger. And from that moment I made my mind, I will do everything in my hand to make this marriage work.

In the evening, Lilliana called and said Ayat wanted to talk with me, but his mom locked him in his room. So she will arrange something so we can have a talk. I look to mom Aruna is seriously, not leaving us two alone, I think she fears Ayata will tell me something that will make me cancel the marriage.

I went to the bar counter to have juice, yes juice. I decided to quit all my bad habits after grandma died, I will only drink when it's required. And suddenly, someone spilled their drink on me, I look up to see grinning Lilliana standing there, "What's going on your mind now?" I

"If you call yourself selfish than call me selfish too, I too want to be loved by someone. And listening to yours and that guy's love story I am jealous, " I said truthfully

"I see, " she said and laughed

"Why did you laughed?" I asked

"You want me to love you like I used to love him?" She asked while getting closer to me

"Not like him fully, but if it's also a bit like him it will be ok, " I said while gulping my saliva

"That's bad then, I wanted to love you more than I loved him" Saying this she captured my lips with hers

She kisses me while stealing my first kiss. I can say it was not her first kiss, like me. But I am not disappointed, I don't even mind if she is not virgin she has decided to leave her past back and I will support her fully in that. I didn't realise that I wasn't kissing her back the pain in my lower lip made me realise it because she has bitten me. I look at her and she broke the kiss and she was going to say something, I captured her lips. And like this, we agreed to give this marriage and our new love a chance.

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