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   Chapter 16 Goodbye

Love Has No Bond By INNOCENT_SOUL17 Characters: 5771

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Arjun proved it that I was right, he never saw me even as a friend, Lover is faraway. I stayed out all night out, and other I attended the lecture as usually, and meet our principle, I went to his door which was black in colour and his nameplate on top, I knocked on the door, "Come in, " He said

"Good morning, sir, " I said

"Arunama please come in, have a seat, " He said

"Sir, do you have any questions for me?" I asked

"No, Ms Singha, I know you have a bad record of disturbing teachers but you never did something like this. But I would like to hear your explanation" He said

"Sir, we both talked, in fact, we became friends you can ask Kajol once she wakes because she was happier than me. I had a call from my home so I went there as it was an emergency" I said back

"I have called dean, Arjun and your friends just left my office an hour ago, " He said

"They blame me, don't they?" I asked

"Yes, but don't worry this will be investigated properly, " He said

"Sir, actually I am here to ask for 6 months transfer to London university branch of ours, " I said

"6 months is there any problem, " He asked

"My grandmother Mrs Shiri Sinha requires an urgent surgery which can be only done in London, " I said

"I don't think it would be a problem in transferring you, but I think you should try doing private college from there because you won't be able to attend it properly, " he said

"You are right sir, but do you think private college will be agreed for 6 months" I inquire

"Yes, I will write a special letter for you, " He said

"Sir, you have called dean sir right, " I asked

"Yes, he will be here may be in 30 minutes, why?" He asked

say this in front of you, Arjun never think me as his friend too, " I said I didn't want to say this but have no other choice

"Aru you are mistaken, it's just because of that girl" Aunty tried to say explain me

"Aunty thanks to that girl, today I know true faces of everyone, she is a good girl she is the only friend I have currently, " I said

"Aru, but why breaking marriage, " Granny asked

"Love, there's love bond between me and Arjun, but there's a great bonding between Arjun and Kajol. Granny, I guarantee you of that girl" I said

"But Aru" Grandma tried to say something but I cut her

"You two already promised me, " I said and got up

And started walking towards the door, when suddenly aunt called me from behind, "Aru, at least tell me the reason for breaking of friendship, " She said

"Please aunt don't force me" I requested

"I request you, I won't tell anyone, " She said

I had no choice but to tell her whole incident, suddenly there was a loud noise from behind aunt, I looked back to see uncle standing there, "You made the right decision, you go I will talk with them"

With that, I left the house...

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