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   Chapter 15 Just One Push And This Friendship Will Be Over...

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Arunama, turned around to see it was Kajol's hand on her. She laughed at herself thinking it might be Arjun who followed her.

"Can I sit here?" Kajol asked

"Why are you asking me? It's everyone's college ya my grandma maybe trustee of the college but everyone has right, we all pay our fees" Arunama said sarcastically to her

"Arunama can I ask you something?" Kajol asked

"You already asked, " Arunama said

"I mean ahh..." Kajol was confused to what say

"Ask what do you want to ask, and I talk like this only" Arunama said to lessen her fear

"Why do you hate me?" Kajol suddenly asked her with sincerity

"What?" Arunama asked her in confusion yes I don't like her but don't hate her she thought in her mind

"You always talk with me with so much hatred, is it because of Arjun, " Kajol asked

"Yes and no, " Arunama said

"What do you mean?" Kajol asked

"I mean no I don't hate you, and yes the reason I talk to you like this is because of Arjun, " Arunama said

"Don't worry Arjun still sees you as a friend?" Kajol said not undersṭanding what Arunama meant

"Do you know why I don't like you?" Arunama asked

her and knowing her Arunama starting liking her. She was happy with her.

"To our new, I will give you a gift, " Arunama said

"What gift?" Kajol asked

"I will talk to my grandma and cancel this marriage, I know both grandmas will not say no to me, " Arunama said

"but won't they be angry, " Kajol asked

"You and Arjun have to work on that" Arunama said and laughed knowing Arjun's grandma's anger.

Suddenly, Arunama's phone started ringing, she picked it up, as it was her grandma's doctor's call, "Hello, Aru come home fast your grandma fainted"

With that Arunama bid her goodbye with Kajol and left from there. Kajol was very happy as she finally got a friend that too true one. In her happiness, she didn't realise when her leg slipped and when she tried catching the wall near it fell with her.

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