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   Chapter 10 Never Mess With Me

Love Has No Bond By INNOCENT_SOUL17 Characters: 3434

Updated: 2020-02-11 08:05

Arjun POV

It's been a week since Aru returned to college. But now it's different from before as she had made new friends she never talk to us. Talk it's faraway she never look at any of us. Once we came in front of each other but she ignored like I was invisible.

All of us in the group tried talking but same result ignorance. We all are currently sitting in the canteen and discussing about it...

"Aru has changed so much since she returned, " Ayesha said

"yes, she is not even talking with us, " Ankit said

"you are saying about us, she is not even talking with Arjun, her best friend. We are far away from their friendship" Ayesha replied

"guys do you think she still remembers that day incident, " I asked

"I think so yes, " Ayesha said

"she is not even talking with me so that we can clear all this, " I said

"the only person who can answer all are question is only one, " Ayesha said

"who?" I asked

"that new girl and Aru's new bestie, " Ayesha said

"yes you are right, let's go" I repli

h other and gave a knowing smirk. Because everyone knows Aru can stand in pain but can't see me in pain.

"Hey Ru, " Lilliana said

"what are you doing?" she asked

"showing some people their place, especially this b***h, " Liliana said again

"Li it's not her fault, " she said

"but..." Lilliana was going to say something but cut by Aru

"you know it's not her fault, say sorry, " Aru said

"Sorry, " she said

Saying they started walking towards the exit. So I stood up and called her

"Aru, Aru, Aru, " I said following her

And caught her wrist.

"excuse me, " she said, "why are avoiding us Aru?" I asked

"Sorry but my name is not Aru, " She said back

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