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   Chapter 9 She Is Back But Something Is Changed

Love Has No Bond By INNOCENT_SOUL17 Characters: 4429

Updated: 2020-02-08 21:06

After 6 months

Arjun POV

"Will you at least tell me where she is, " I asked my parents

"Why do you care, where she is?" Mom asked

"Mom you know she is my best friend, " I said

"You two broke your friendship before she left, " she said

"At least tell me she fine, " I said

Without answering she left from the living room. This is my house condition for 6 months.

6 months of the accident. 6 months of our accusation on her. 6 months of our friendship break up. 6 months of Aru leaving the city with her grandmother.

I still remember that day when Kajol, told us has actually happened, on the roof. She was more than angry on us for thinking this nonsense.


As soon as I got the call, I went straight to my car and leave for the hospital. Soon I parked my car in the parking lot.

I went straight to the hospital room where Kajol is admitted. I entered to see her sitting on the bed with banded on her head and hand. And she is talking with her parents.

"Arjun, come son" uncle said

"How are you now?" I asked

"I am good, just a headache" she replied

"Thank God you are wake up, now you can bring that girl out of the college" aunty said

"Aunt..." Before I could say anything Kajol interfere in between

"What are you talking about, " she asked

"Arunama that girl who

aid and hugged her...

Suddenly, we heard honking noise. We all turn and look towards the college gate to see, a BMW entered and parked at the place where Aru always parks her bike. I got up from my place with Kajol we started walking towards the car.

When suddenly the car door open and walked down 2 girls.

After 6 months I am seeing her. Finally, she is back. She changed. She doesn't look like before. Something is changed in her but I don't understand it.

Before entering the college I saw her once again turning towards the car and waving towards the driver's seat.

Then both the girls entered the college laughing at something. I could only hear

"Your brother is so unromantic, " Aru said

They walked straight ignoring stairs towards them. I look back to see the person, and he was none other than

Ayat Chaudhary, the well known youngest businessman...

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