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   Chapter 8 CCTV Footage

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Updated: 2020-02-07 20:32

Arjun POV

"Goddamit why don't just do what I say, sir, " I said

Currently, I and my all friends are standing in principal office and trying to convince him to remove Arunama from the college. Or suspend her for some time. But he is not listening to anything.

"Mr Arjun Sha we can't do what you are saying us to do, " he said

"And can I ask you why, " I ask

"Ok answer some questions of me, " he said

"Where were you while this happened?" He asked

"In campus" I replied

"Did you saw Miss. Sharma pushing Miss. Saxena" he asked

"No, but I saw her running down, " I said

"Do you have any proof that she pushed her?" He again asked

"No" we all answered

"Then give one reason why should I remove her, " he said

"Give me the reason or you can see the door so get out, " he said

We all walk out, as we didn't have any proof against her.

"She is one of the brilliant students that's why all this is happening, " Ayesha said

"Ya and don't forget her grandma is the trusty of this college" Akshat said

"Yeah I know, come we will go to the hospital, only Kajol can tell them the truth, " Ayesha said

"Yes then no one will say no, " I said

And we walk out of the colleg

ted ringing. After she attended the call. Her face becomes pale, she said bye to Kajol and started running down. Soon after her leaving Kajol turns around and her leg slip and the wall broke down rather than supporting her weight and she falls from there.

"So what will you all like to say now, " Dean sir asked

"I..." I was speechless what should I say

"This footage is of CCTV camera which installed at the roof as their work is going on, " sir said again

"You all taught that college is not finding the truth about the incident, but we were. As soon as you left my cabin I called Dean sir and inform him about the situation. Where sir remember about the CCTV and we brought the footage" principal sir inform us

Suddenly my phone rang again I pick it up, "Hello Arjun son, Kajol woke up"

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