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   Chapter 7 You Will Regret This

Love Has No Bond By INNOCENT_SOUL17 Characters: 2854

Updated: 2020-02-05 20:09

No one's POV

Arjun was standing outside the ICU, with his friends and inside Kajol's Operation was going on.

All were in tension, and we're confused how did it happen?

But someone was getting angrier in every second. And you guess it right, it was none other than Arjun.

He was thinking something very deeply and more he is thinking more he is getting angrier.

Suddenly Arunama passes from ICU and saw her all friends standing their and she walk towards them.

"Guys what are you all doing here, " she asked...

"How dare you come here?" Arjun Shouted as he saw Arunama coming their

"What do you mean Arjun?" She asked

"You have guts to come hereafter doing this to her, " he said and took her towards ICU

"Kajol, " Arunama said shockingly

"What surprised, how's she survive?"Arjun shouted again

"What are you trying to sa


"Your brat Arunama when she couldn't get me she pushes Kajol from the roof" Arjun shouted

And as soon as he finished the sentence he received a tight slap from his mother, "You are unbelievable Arjun, that girl did so much for you and you are returning her sacrifices like this, " his mother said

"We broked our friendship, " Arjun said

"Arj...." His mother words were cut by his father's words

"You lost the most precious gem, you knew her better than anyone else. You will regret this. And remember Aru will never forgive you" his dad said...

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