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   Chapter 6 Accident

Love Has No Bond By INNOCENT_SOUL17 Characters: 2514

Updated: 2020-01-31 20:42

Arunama pov

Today I am going to club alone not calling my other 2 friends too. As I know they won't understand me this time, and I want alone time with myself.

I got on my bike and went to

"Mingle club"

I usually go there with my friends but not today, the club entrance looks like an alley but when you enter inside you will know the truth

The entrance has golden walls with the red floor. Both walls and floor shine always.

I then directly went to the bar, and order my usual Martini.

I was drinking my 6th drink when DJ change the music to rock n roll.

And I look towards the dance floor, it was empty, so I walk towards it.

I started moving my body according to the music....

"May I have a dance with the pretty lady?" a

my life, how it destroyed because of one person Kajol.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder I turn to see Kajol standing there...

Arjun POV

I was standing near the campus talking with my friends when we heard Kajol voice and look up to see her hanging, on the roof.

I started running upstairs, to save her as I on 2nd last floor I saw Arunama running downstairs. She ran past me without giving any glance towards me.

As I reached on the roof, Kajol was already fallen down


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