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   Chapter 5 Keep Her Away From Me

Love Has No Bond By INNOCENT_SOUL17 Characters: 2085

Updated: 2020-01-30 19:46

Arjun POV

It's been a week that Aru came to my house. Where I came to know about her love towards me.

Currently, I am sitting in college campus waiting for Aru to come, she will be coming at any time now.

Then I heard the bike voice, I look towards the gate and saw Aru parking Her bike, at her original place beside mine. And started walking towards the entrance.

She saw me sitting near the fountain, waiting for her but she ignored me and went towards Her 2 friends.

Argh, why she doesn't talk to me and solve this. I again sat there. Keeping my hand on my head.

Soon I felt a hand on my shoulder, "Aru, "

do you want now" I shouted

"It's not like that" she tried to answer

"Keep this Innocent self for someone who believes you, " I said...

"Aru" Arjun voice came suddenly shouting at me

"See Your boyfriend came too, " I said standing up

"Arunama, listen" she again tried to say something

"Arjun keep your girlfriend away from me if you want her to be safe, " I said and walk out from the cafeteria.

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