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   Chapter 4 My Parents Knows Everything

Love Has No Bond By INNOCENT_SOUL17 Characters: 2336

Updated: 2020-01-28 22:27

Arjun POV

Oh yes, I am so much happy.she said yes, oh God I feel so lucky. When I first saw her I fell for her, I proposed her and she said yes.

This news I should say to Arunama first. She will be more than happy, I know she is also not interested in this marriage, she just got ready because of her grandma like me.

But she would be angry as I didn't talk to her for a week. I was spending the whole day with Kajol. I came to know everything about her. That she came here with scholarship. Because her parents are very poor couldn't afford her studies.

I know Aru, she couldn't remain angry with me for a long time I know her. I know how to make it up to her.

I am currently at my house, getting ready to go to Aru's house. I walk downstairs to see my family already standing they're discussing something.

And dad has an angry expression on his face, and while mom is trying to calm him.

"What happened dad, any problem, " I asked

"Yes" he replied

"Arjun are you going somewhere, " mom asked

"Yes at Aru's house, " I said back

"What do want with her now, wasn't breaking her heart enough for you" dad Shouted suddenly

"Aryan, calm

down" mom tried to calm him down again

"What are you talking about dad, " I asked

"Don't act Innocent?" he said and marched towards me

"Dad what are you saying, " I asked again...

"Don't you know your Marriage has already been fixed?" dad said

"Yes I know" now I understood where this topic going

"Then why did you proposed someone else, " dad asked...

"Because I don't love her, I love Kajol. And I know even Arunama doesn't love..." I was cut in between by a hard punch on my face by dad...

"Aryan" mom Shouted

"Just get out, or I will lose my remaining calmness, " he said fisting his hand...

"But dad..." I was cut in between by Arunama voice

"Uncle" she came looking at her it seems she cried

"Arunama what are you doing here daughter, " my mom said

"I knew this drama would be going on here so I came here, " she said

And walked towards dad and me, "Uncle if he loves someone else we can't do anything. Let him love her, I can't force him to love me" she said shocking me

"But..." Dad was going to say something but she cut him between

"If my love is true he will come to me" saying this she left our house...

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