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Love Has No Bond By INNOCENT_SOUL17 Characters: 1058

Updated: 2020-01-18 21:54


Arunama and Arjun marriage were fixed by their grandmother. As both were friends and wanted their friendship to become a relationship. But do Arunama and Arjun agree with this...

Arunama bad girl but with a good heart. Love only one person Arjun. Her grades are good. And everything is good but the thing she is a bad girl because she bullies other students. Drink and many bad habits. She lives with her grandmother as her parents died in an accident.

Arjun is not same as Arunama. He doesn't love her. He doesn'

t want to get married to her. Because of her behaviour. It's not like he hates her she is his best friend too. He is good at grades too. He lives with his whole family, parents, sister and grandmother. His parents like Arunama very much and her to be their daughter in law...

But what happens when a third person enters their's life. And everything changes in Arunama's life.

Small misunderstanding, will break their relationship forever. Small things can do bigger damages...

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