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   Chapter 5 4.

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Sitting on the old wooden bench in our rooftop garden, I continuously stared at my own fingers, those images replaying themselves over and over again in my head.

His hands all over my bare skin, our bodies completely naked, that intense sensation flowing inside me and those weird sounds my lips kept escaping as he kept touching me...

Our bodies conjoined...

This is so weird...

I sighed, feeling so...conflicted...

Never in my such long life have I ever felt this foreign sensations...

I was so used to feel that same, pure disgust...everytime a man tried to touch me -well, maybe because they were mostly forced...but still...

This...this felt so...different...


"Child, what are you doing here?" A familiar, feminine voice suddenly echoed through the glass-built large room, my gaze instantly snapping up, only to notice my mother standing just a few feet away, her body covered with nothing but a white silk robe.

I quickly took a glance at the sky, ultimately realizing it was already nighttime, hence her attire.

"Nothing, I guess I just lost track of time..." I calmly admitted, giving her a light smile, struggling to appear as composed as possible.

Thankfully, she only returned the smile, slowly approaching me as she kindly asked, "Do you want to perform the ritual with me?"

"Sure, " I slowly nodded, getting up to my feet then quietly followed her as she walked towards the center, helping her take off her robe afterwards, the small lanterns scattered all over the place lightly illuminating her smooth, pale skin.

I then proceeded to undress myself as well, since this was the only way we could perform the ritual, also showing our respect to the currently hidden moon.

Discarding my last clothing article, I carefully stepped right next to her, our skin tones visibly contrasting each other as I had a more tanned complexion, probably inherited from my father.

Maybe that's why she always seems to prefer Rem over me...Because I look just like him...The one she hates with so much passion...

Noticing my completely nude reflection in one of the glass walls, I suddenly remembered those sinful images flashing before my eyes, burning heat rushing to my face as I thought of the possibility of him watching me from the shadows, right in this very moment since he seemed so keen on constantly following me around for absolutely no viable reason.

Oh dear...

My slightly trembling hands quickly wrapped around my body, discreetly covering my private parts, lowering my gaze somewhere on the stone pavement.

"What are you doing?" My mother's questioning tone suddenly reached my ears, my head instantly turning to the side to look at her, noticing how she curiously eyed my hands still covering my private areas as I hastily answered, "N-nothing..."

I then quickly lowered them at my sides, still feeling a little nervous, but all my thoughts soon vanished as we finally commenced.

Kneeling on the cold stone, we rose our palms in front of our faces, just like mother regularly does every evening, both repeatedly chanting in unison in her native tongue, Come forth, my princess, Come forth, my light...

Come forth, my princess, Come forth, my light...

And not after only a few moments, that oh-so-familiar, serene warmth caressed our bodies, mother's skin now bathed in a soft glow

while all the moonflowers growing in our garden instantly bloomed, my gaze quickly shooting up to watch the moon rise in its all splendor through the huge open space in the glass ceiling.

I lightly smiled, slowly closing my eyes, letting that soft light caress my face, relishing in that sweet moment. Ever since I was only a child, I absolutely adored to perform once in a while mother's every-night ritual, calling upon the moon.

Fluttering my eyelids open, I ultimately noticed her get up from her spot, so I rose up to my feet as well, quickly helping her put her robe back on, then hastily dressed myself as well, quietly following her towards the stairs afterwards.

Keeping my head down, I calmly trailed after her, glancing at her back from time to time, already eager to get to my room and dig up some information about my new "friend".

Only just as I was about to turn to the corridor leading towards my room, her slender, delicate body took a sudden halt, also forcing me to do the same.

Slowly turning around, her bright blue irises found mine, a strong, yet undecipherable emotion swirling inside them as she intensely watched me, her tone plainly accusing as she said, "So I heard you have met with that annoying, insolent fallen again..."

My eyes instantly widened, mentally cursing my brother as I obviously realized he must've been the one who told her, my voice slightly trembling as incoherently stammered, "I...I..."

"I will tell you this one, single time, " She instantly cut me off, harshly gripping my arm, to the point where it almost hurt before she said through gritted teeth, "Stay.away.from him."

"You are not allowed to meet him. Ever again, " She fiercely commanded, her eyes blazing fire as she glowered at me in silence for a few moments, that single sentence, however, making me feel extremely outraged and angered at the same time.

Taking one last glance, she then finally turned around and walked away, my body still trembling with pure anger as I watched her leave, barely containing myself from not creating a monstrous scene.

Oh we will see about that, dear mother.


Pressing my ear against the hard wooden door, I carefully listened for a few seconds, to make sure my so-called friend wasn't in there anymore, then slowly twisted the doorknob, stealthily peering inside.

All clear.

I breathed in relief, quickly getting inside then hastily locked the door, running straight to my bed afterwards.

Kneeling beside it, I wasted no more time and pulled the huge book out, my slightly trembling hands sloppily skimming over the pages, until I've finally reached the section I wanted, like a burglar fearing of getting caught, my gaze hurriedly skipping over the words, "His name originates from the hebrew word "Rafa'el" meaning "God heals"

...After Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer, he is the fourth Archangel created by God...


He is often associated with joy and laughter...

Physical and spiritual healer...

Considered one of God's most obedient, good children..."

Exhaling a small, shaky breath, the book fell on its own accord on the carpeted floor with a small but audible thud as my hands went suddenly limp, blankly staring into nothingness, utterly shocked and also confused at the same time...

What in the gods' name could you have possibly done?

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