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   Chapter 86 Epilogue

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2509

Updated: 2020-03-30 22:18

Jason's little angel's name is Anaya and she is almost 1 year now, she is a hyperactive kid, everyone in the house gets tired in managing her alone. Alen and Alice love her very much. They treasure her life in their own life. Sara also started working with Jason. After meeting, Sara's mother Jason understood that how Sara was so good in business, it as in her blood.

Jason and Sara just came back home and Anaya jumped in Sara's arms. Sara kissed her cheeks after spending a few minutes in her arms Anaya again started jumping to go in Jason's arms. Jason holds her and said "my little princess, I love you" after spending some time with kids Jason and Sara went to their room to get freshen up. After closing the bedroom door Jason pinned Sara on

from where she gets the energy". Jason smiled and continued making love to Sara. It was his daily schedule.

Sara slept in his arms Jason looked at her and murmured "baby you are my bundle of happiness loving you was the best thing of my life" and kissed her forehead and slept holding her tightly.

The End

Dear Reader, Thanks a lot for your love and support for my first book....i am releasing my second book "Destined Love" soon... please support with same love.Thanks a lot once again:)

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