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   Chapter 80 Mother's photo

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 3484

Updated: 2020-03-26 12:20

Jason came back to his room and saw Sara busy on her phone he came and sat next to her and took the phone from her hand, Sara pouted and said "Jason, give it back to me" Jason kept the phone on the table next to the bed and took Sara's both the hands in his hands and said "sweetheart! You need to rest more, come I will give a bath and after that, you are going to sleep". Sara said, "I am not a kid, I can take a bath of my own".

Jason just smiled didn't say anything and went to the bathroom.

Sara didn't understand anything and started to head to the cloakroom to take clothes, the moment she came out Jason was standing there. He scooped her in his arms and took her to the bathroom, Sara wanted to struggle but she knew it was helpless because he will do what he wants to.

Jason took her to the bathroom and gently placed her in the bathtub which was filled with warm water. He gently gave a bath to her like she was a porcelain doll. He wiped her body dried her hair after she wore her clothes he made her sleep on the bed and we

nued "Yes Sara your mother is alive, and if you want to meet her and know who is behind all these come and meet me on the address I will message you". Sara composed herself and said, "Rose don't think I will fall for your tricks every time, why should I trust you?" Rose laughed evilly and said you will get your answer after the call and she hangs up the call. Sara didn't understand anything but just after the call ended she got a message with location and there was a photo, Sara was shocked to see the photo it was of her mother, she was very thin like she was unwell from long. Sara was holding her phone tightly don't know how to react standing like a statue sweating all over the body.

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