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   Chapter 79 Alen will be older

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 3529

Updated: 2020-03-23 16:11

After letting Sara take rest Jason came to the living room where Scot was waiting for him with a broad smile, Jason reached and hugged him and said "this year Devis group will invest double amount from other years and thanks a lot bro" Scot smiled and said "I am very happy for you bro, I am very happy for Sara being in your life, she changed you a lot, anyways just take a lot of care of her, her last pregnancy had issues so you have to take more precautions, she should rest more and little bit of walking in the morning and evening, for any problem I am just a call away" after that chatted for few more minutes and Scot left.

Jason came back to his room and saw Sara was sleeping he slowly went to her kissed on her forehead and left. He wanted to tell everyone about the good news he went to kid's room and called Lora and Harry and said "My dear little hearts, you are about to get sibling, your Mumma is pregnant" Lora and Harry were very happy they had missed Alen and Alice's childhood for 3 years so they were very happy that they will be able

the stairs with her in his arms so he let her walk. When Sara came to the dining table both the kids hugged her and kissed her cheeks. Lora brought all her favorite dishes on the table. Sara was very happy but Jason told her "Baby! Eat all your favorite food today because after today you will be on pregnancy diet, which Scot has given, you will follow that diet plan for the next 9 months".

Sara tried to oppose but Jason cut her off saying "I am not going to take any risk on your health, and sweetheart you are free to hate me for that". After that all had dinner, Jason asked Sara to head to their bedroom and he went to the kid's room and gave them a bath and told them their bedtime stories.

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