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   Chapter 75 Meeting Dad After Long Time

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 3251

Updated: 2020-03-18 20:52

Sara got ready Beny was with her all the time, Sara was getting ready but the door of her makeup room opened from outside and Sara's dad walked in Jason was following him. Sara was not able to speak she hugged him tightly and started crying. Jason cannot see her in anyone's arms he slowly pulled her in his arms and said "baby! Your makeup will be spoiled don't cry, I called your Dad for your happiness not to see you crying" Sara didn't looked at him but still sobbing and said "thank you, Jason, I am so happy, I loved your surprise, thank you very much" Jason took her face in his palms and made her see in his eyes saying "get ready fast so that your Dad can take to out and walk on the aisle and give me what's mine" winked and went out.

Sara nodded to Jason and after he went out she pulled her Dad's hand and asked him to seat close to her so that he will be with her all the time. She missed him so much all these years, while she was getting ready her father sa

kiss the bride" Jason was like a hungry wolf that got his prey his eyes were the display of his thoughts to Sara. Jason leaned to Sara and kissed her but he deepened the kiss she was getting out of breath then let her go and she leaned on his broad chest to recover her breath he whispered slowly in her ears while others were congratulating new couple "baby! You are mine tonight and I will show no mercy, just like you didn't do it on me, you can't escape tonight". Sara had Goosebumps all over her body. She didn't look up at him and started thinking about how to protect herself from Mr. Devil, he might eat her alive if he caught her today.

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