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   Chapter 65 Never divorced

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2905

Updated: 2020-03-10 11:39

Once Jason entered the bedroom with Sara in his arms, he shut the door with his legs avoiding Sara's struggle. Once door was locked he put Sara on the bed gently and hovered over and said "Baby, I will answer all your questions, but if you keep on struggling like this we might end up doing some more interesting things" Sara blushed after what Jason said and she knows what he is trying to say so she immediately stop moving. Jason smirked and said "first of all sweetheart we were never divorced because I never signed the documents, second you said you don't want to stay in my house with kids and I allowed it you never said I cannot stay with you or kids you don't have any say…I have not broken my promise".

Sara was stunned by the fact that they were still husband n wife. She was very happy because only she knows how much it was painful for her think

that I kept her by my side so it will be easy to punish her". Jason was in a serious tone normally he is always soft-spoken when it comes to Sara and kids, she understood that he was in a bad mood so she said: "Jason leave it we are together that's all matters we should not harm anyone". Jason smiled listening to her, he felt she is so soft-hearted person, Rose did so many things to her but still, she was ok to leave her as nothing happened but "I am not like you, baby, she tried to mess up my life she tried to harm you Jason Devis's wife she will pay for it" he thought.

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