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   Chapter 63 Will stay in Beny's House

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 3507

Updated: 2020-03-05 20:14

Jason turned to face Sara took her hands in his hands, Sara tried to pull back her hands but his hold was strong. Jason said "Sara on that day I was working in my office, when I got call from reception that a girl named Rose wants to meet me" He paused for a moment and said "I was in relationship with Rose before taking over the business" Sara's hands clutched Jason felt it but continued "but we broke up because she cheated me behind my back and dated a rich guy from our boy's group". After that I never met her neither had any contact with her till that day, my staff informed me that she is crying and saying it's the matter of life and death for her" he again paused feeling Sara's depressed feeling "so I thought I can help her if there is something I can do, so I allowed her to my office. She told me that she married to a guy but that guy beats her and she was pregnant but he still beats her, she wants divorce but he is not ready to divorce her. She asked me for help and I agreed but suddenly we heard door opening she all of sudden kiss

d Sara was engaged with them. Jason was happy to see his family. He had his plan to stay with Sara. Beny was in another car behind them once all reached Beny's home. She unlocked her door and everyone entered inn including Jason. Sara looked at him like she wanted to ask him what are you doing here. Her expressions were very much readable to Jason when he looked at her but didn't said anything and checked every corner of the house and after some time he was ready to leave. Sara was upset when she saw him leaving, but it was what she asked for then why she was not happy about it, this question was lingering in her mind. Beny's house had three bedrooms so it was easy for all to accommodate.

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