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   Chapter 62 Regained Memory

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2839

Updated: 2020-03-05 15:06

After few hours Sara woke up and found herself surrounded by kids, Jason, Tax, Scot and Beny and all were waiting for to her speak something. First word she spoke was "Alice and Alen, sweethearts come and hug Mumma, I missed you very much" and tears were rolling down her cheeks, all others were shocked to her calling her kids so closely they all thought she might have regained her memory. Scot, Tax and Beny were happy for Sara her sad for Jason at the same time because Sara might not forgive him for his deeds. Jason went to her and tried to speak to her but Sara ignored him totally as if he was not even present there. Whenever she looks at Jason memory when he tortured her prisoned her and also cheated her with Rose kept her away with her kids. She can never forgive him.

Jason was aware that he will have to face this situation but did no

up in that footage it was shown that once Rose and Jason reached to basement parking that person removed his mask and he was not Jason but some unknown person Sara was shocked she thought Jason cheated her. Jason did not stopped there he played another footage where he was in a meeting room and he asked Sara to look on the timing and day it was same when Sara had seen Rose & Jason in hospital. Sara was not able to believe her eyes she felt what a big mistake she had done but she still looked at Jason and asked "but what about her kissing you in your office?"

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