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   Chapter 61 Sara’s mother was alive

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 3059

Updated: 2020-03-03 16:23

They stood there for few minutes feeling each other's heartbeat, after sometime they parted and freshen up and went down stairs to spend some time with kids, kids were happy about parents being around. Jason noticed that Sara was quiet then usual she was just nodding and smiling to the kids, it was visible that she was lost. Jason had solution for all the issues in business world but today he was feeling helpless, he knew what the problem is but he did not have the solution. It went on for few days Sara almost stopped speaking to anyone apart from kids. After dinner she will directly go to her bedroom and slepp on her side of bed before Jason could come and speak to her. Jason was getting impatient with change in her behavior so he thought of something. It was weekend tomorrow so he called Tax, Scot and Beny to his place early in the morning.

When Sara woke up she didn't found Jason on his side of the

"she is totally fine. She might wake up in few hours we need to wait and see how she is once she wakes up".

Jason was worried about her a lot these days. First due to her avoiding to him and second about the news he got from Zack yesterday. Yesterday late night Zack called him and informed him that he got to know from few links that Sara's mother might be alive and imprisoned by someone. Jason was shocked because as per Sara told him her mother died when she was of 5 years. Jason asked Zack to work hard dig dipper and find out whether it is accurate news or just rumor to misguide the investigation.

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