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   Chapter 54 Visit to Hotel

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2777

Updated: 2020-02-23 10:25

Jason then said tell me what brought you here, at that time Sara remembered that why she came here she immediately replied "Presi…" but before she complete Jason gaze made her correct herself and she said "I mean Mr. Jason I need to visit to party venue for final check but as per your orders I can't go alone shall I take Miss Rose with me?" she never wanted to go with Rose but she didn't had the guts to ask Jason directly to come with her so she proposed Rose's name. Jason was in thought before answering he was sure yesterday's incident was somehow related to Rose he had a strong feeling that it must be Rose who informed about Sara's movement to attackers. So he replied "I think you are forgetting something, I told you I will accompany you wherever you go" Sara felt embarrassed and replied "Mr. Jason I remember, but you h

t gaze on her turned and saw Jason was looking at her when Jason noticed her he immediately looked away. Sara smiled and got back to work. Jason made certain calls in the mean time he got call from Tax. Tax informed him that he had done enquiry on Sara's step brother and mother but both of them are clean, they didn't liked Sara so they just wanted her to stay away from their property after Sara came with Jason they didn't had any contacts. Sara was in contact with her brother when she was escaping apart from that they never contacted each other.

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