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   Chapter 52 Sleeping in his arms

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2857

Updated: 2020-02-22 00:41

When Jason came back from hospital he opened his bedroom door slowly thinking that Sara must be sleeping by now but to his surprise she was still awake and the moment he opened the door she asked "you are back?" Jason said "yes, but why didn't you sleep till now?" Sara was trying to hide her feeling and said "I was just a bit scared" but the fact was she felt like Jason's was like drugs for her she can immediately fall asleep when he is around, but when he is not around she is not able to sleep. After listening to her Jason felt that she must be sacred due to today incident and said "don't worry I am here you can rest assure and sleep" after saying that took out his court and kept it on sofa and went to washroom.

While taking bath only Zack's words were going in his mind, Zack was not able to find out the reason why Sara's

d felt like she had heard these lines earlier also as if it was part of her daily life.

Sara tried to recall but nothing helped, she pushed Jason a bit and said in slow voice "President, please let me go" Jason opened his eyes, saw her beautiful face and let her go she immediately stood and went to washroom. Jason saw her disappearing figure in bathroom and door closed he felt that even Sara was staying with his still they are so far from each other. He is craving for her and she is roaming unaffected he made his mind 'no, my love we won't be apart for long'

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