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   Chapter 51 Her injury

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Updated: 2020-02-21 23:55

After some time Scot came out of operation room, Sara ran to Scot and asked "how is he? Is he out of danger? Is fine?" Sara asked all these in one breath. Scot cared her head while saying "he is fine nothing serious he will be fine in few days". After listening to Scot Sara felt relieved Jason came to her took her in his arms and said "now come with me and apply some medicines on your wounds"

"I am not injured" Sara didn't felt any pain as she was she too much worried about Zack. Jason didn't speak much and scooped her in his arms ignoring her struggle brought her to Scot's office sat her on the patient table and asked Jason to look after her wounds which were caused by the slap of the attackers.

As Scot was attending her injury

that Sara is his wife and no one should dare to even think to hurt her. When Jason reached to Zack's room he sat on the stool next to Zack's bed and asked him "how are you feeling now?" Zack replied with weak voice "I am better boss, but I want to report you one thing all the things happing with Madam Sara are related to her family". Jason frowned and asked "what do you mean? Why would her family try to kill her when she doesn't have anything to do with them? He cannot connect the dots.

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