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   Chapter 50 Zack Saved Sara

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2753

Updated: 2020-02-21 12:25

Moment Jason learnt about attack on Sara he felt that he missed a heartbeat, he immediately called Zack and asked him to reach Sara's location and he also left office in hurry he got in his car and drove his car in full speed towards Sara's location. Zack was totally busy in investigating about the attacks on Sara nowadays but luckily he was close to Sara's location he reached quickly. Sara's driver was injured and he was constantly asking Sara "Madam, please leave and hide in that valley" but Sara was reluctant to leave him in this situation and was trying to drag him towards the valley to hide.

By these time attacker had found them and surrounded them then one of them said "finally you are in our hands we will kill you and get a lot of money" immediately other one said "big brother, she is very beautiful why n

nted to take Sara home but she was reluctant to go to hospital to see Zack because she felt guilty that Zack got shot in saving her, Jason didn't forced her and brought her to the hospital.

Zack was in operation room but Sara was getting impatient Jason was holding her in his arms and can feel her body still trembling, after every few minutes Sara mumbles "God, he should be fine please" Jason heard her and felt that how pure she was from heart Zack and Sara had hardly spoken to each other much but she is still so much concerned about him.

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