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   Chapter 48 Happy

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2772

Updated: 2020-02-18 21:12

Next morning Jason was very happy thinking that Sara cares about him. He got ready and left room for Sara to get ready, after sometime she also got ready and went to breakfast table were kids and Jason were waiting for her, Sara felt embarrassed that kids had to wait for her she went to the table and sat in the middle of the kids and said "as you had to for me today so long so I will feed you guys" Kids cheered up and Alice asked in her sweet and innocent voice "aunty you will feed Daddy also, he was also waiting for you with us". Sara was a little stunned with the question and unconsciously looked at Jason, he was already looking at her. She immediately turned her face which was turning red "first I will feed you, come on you guys will get late" she tried to avoid the question and successfully did it as the kids were ha

office. Once they reached office both got back to their work but in Sara's mind whole incident of morning was wandering she felt how good it would be if she could be with Jason and his kids forever but again a thought Rose dropped all her thinking to the ground. She knew she can never be with Jason but her developing feeling for him she was not able to control it. Nowadays she had been feeling weird sometime she see images which flashes in her mind but none of the images are clear, she thought might she is getting stressed out because of work.

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