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   Chapter 40 Visit to Amusement Park

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 3577

Updated: 2020-02-12 14:15

After breakfast all got ready both the kids and Jason were waiting for Sara in the living room when Sara was coming down stairs Jason saw her and his heart came to his mouth after seeing what Sara was wearing Sara was wearing a hot pant and an off shoulder top because of which her neck color bone and little bit of her cleavage was visible Jason felt fire in his entire body. Sara felt Jason's gaze on her and looked at him Jason's blue deep eyes were staring at her angrily she didn't know why he was angry. Jason looked at her confused look and said "Miss Sara, please go and change" But before Sara could turn him down both the kids hold her hands and said "no daddy, aunty looks sexy we like aunty's dress" and dragged Sara towards the door. Jason felt helpless and murmured "aunty looking sexy, damn that's the problem, she is looking damn too hot, how am I going to control all the wolf out there looking at her in the park" all of sudden an idea clicked in his mind and he called out "Miss Sara, can you please help to get some eating stuff from kitchen to load in

car drove off towards the amusement park. He had asked Zack to look after work for a day.

This was second time when Jason had taken off from his work first was when he was married with Sara and today when his whole family was with him. When they all reached at amusement park Jason had almost 20 hidden guards because he didn't want to scare kids and Sara but at the same time can't take risk with their safety. After buying tickets for all they entered the park on most of the rides Jason went with his daughter and his son was accompanying his Mumma. On some rides kids insisted Sara to go with Jason which was basically planned by Jason ;) because Jason loves it when Sara gets afraid and hold his hands.

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