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   Chapter 38 Weird Dreams

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2579

Updated: 2020-02-11 15:21

Sara was dreaming that she was seating on a bench in a garden and there was women and two children playing around her and calling her "Mumma come on catch us! Come on Mumma you are too slow, Mumma come fast, Mumma we are winning" while running kids were about to fall Sara ran towards them to hold them and protect them from falling. Sara got up shouting "hold on! Mind your steps" she sat on the bed sweat was all over her forehead, she looked frightened. Jason immediately stood and took a hold of her hands and hugged tightly, when she was in arms of Jason she felt warm of him body and felt much more comfortable and stayed stilt in few seconds she came back to her senses and pushed Jason back. Jason didn't forced her and let her go Sara kept her head down and murmure

ay at home when you are alone I will be worried all the time, if you will stay here I can finish my work at earliest and come back as soon as possible 'I hope you regain you memory by that time Sara and can have a happy life with Jason and your kids' Tax thought in his mind. Sara knew Tax always worries a lot about her; he picks and drops her personally even though they have drivers. She didn't want her brother to worry more about her so she agreed with Tax and planned to stay in Jason's house for few days.

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