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   Chapter 36 Most beautiful women in the world

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 3134

Updated: 2020-02-06 12:50

Sara came in without knock as per his earlier orders, she don't wanted to piss him off she don't how will punish her of that so pushed the door open and saw Rose inside she was leaning against Jason as if she was about to kiss Jason Sara stopped and said sorry to interrupt and tried to close the door but Rose spoke in angry tone "can't you knock, don't you have basic etiquettes". Jason stood from his chair and pushed Rose back wiped his hands with tissue as if he had touched something dirty and said "and who the hell are you to order to my secretary" Sara felt warm in her heart that Jason took her side and protected her. "But Jason I wanted to speak to you privately" "first thing make note not to enter my office ever again, if I see you in my office I will ask security to throw you out and second I don't have any relation with you so why talk privately you call talk to me infront of my secretary"

Rose looked at Sara with re

his wife, mother of his kids, thinking this he unknowingly smiled. Sara was narrating his schedule but she felt his intense gaze on her but she did not dare to look up.

After she finished she looked up and saw Jason smiling she had seen him smiling for the first time and he was looking damn sexy she was not able to take her eyes away when suddenly she heard him "done seeing or want more" he said while smirking. Sara immediately shook her head and left his office. Jason thought now he can't stay away from her so he need do something to have her back at home, suddenly an idea popped in his mind and he called Tax.

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