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   Chapter 35 Came to pick up

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 3880

Updated: 2020-02-06 12:49

Sara went to bathroom got ready and went downstairs and noticed that Tax was not there and at the same time she got message from Tax on her phone "Sorry Sara, have some urgent meeting in morning so left early, Jason will pick you up today" after reading she replied "brother, no need to bother President, I will manage" Tax replied immediately "he is already on the way have your breakfast soon and meet him outside our home..bye" Sara didn't got the opportunity to say anything else, so she went to dining room finished her breakfast and headed outside the house, when she reached Jason also reached at the same time he was seating in the back seat he rolled down the glass and said "get inside" Sara nodded and was about to hop in passenger seat Jason noticed her action and said immediately "seat with me I need to discuss some business stuff" Sara stopped in her tracks and nodded and sat in the back seat. Jason asked the driver to start the car; there was pin drop silence so Sara tried to initiate some talks by saying "President, thanks for coming to pick me up" Jason didn't said anything just nodded coldly.

He was in a good mood today as he asked Tax

on how could he do that when he had his fiancé after recovering her breath she came out of lift and went to her working desk when she entered Rose looked at her face which was red like an apple she immediately understood something must have happened between Jason and Sara.

She came to Sara's desk and asked "what happened to you" Sara looked at her and was about to open her mouth but her work phone rang she immediately picked up the call and said "yes president" "get my black coffee" said Jason from other end Sara just said "sure" and hung up the call before Jason. Jason frowned and thought she might be angry because of the kiss, but he thought about the kiss he felt very happy the soft touch of her lips make him want more but he have to hold on to his horses.

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