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   Chapter 34 Come back to me

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 3544

Updated: 2020-02-05 11:06

Jason came back in few minutes and took both the kids to dining room where Lora has already prepared their dinner. Jason always feeds his kids, he just wanted to fulfill his responsibility as father for past three years also, and he wanted to give all the happiness of the world to them, whatever they ask he will get it for his two little loves. Trio had their dinner and they went out for walk in the garden there they walked and Jason asked both the kids to seat both the kids on bench beside him and said "my little love, as i have already told you about the health status of your Mumma, your Mumma has woken up but the problem is she forgot all of us". Both the kids didn't get much of the information and Alen said innocently "If Mumma is awake we will go to meet her, we missed Mumma so much..i want to meet Mumma" Jason felt helpless and said while stroking his hand on Alen's head "my little bunny, even I want you to meet your Mumma but your Mumma forgot all of us because of her illness"

Both the kids was shocked and Alice said "our Mumma can never

e else, she thought its better if she don't think much about it, with all these things in her mind she slept very late that night.

She dreamed about Jason, she saw Jason hugging her kissing her, but next she see that she was in office and Jason was kissing Rose and looking at her with evil smile. She felt disheartened, and she woke up in the middle of the night and felt that she was crying as tears were there on her cheeks. She felt surprised that why she dreamed about Jason and is she feeling sad if Jason is with Rose, it none of her business. She tried to sleep but sleep was far away from her, she hardly slept at the dawn and soon her alarm rang so she had to get up and get ready for office.

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