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   Chapter 33 Have lunch with me

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 3976

Updated: 2020-02-05 11:06

He knew no men can resist Sara' beauty her innocence her simplicity and very few people in office knew that Sara was his, so they tried to get close to her. He noticed Rose was taking more initiative to introduce Sara with other men. He was frustrated he immediately called Sara on her phone and asked her to come to his office. He had opened the footage on his laptop and noticed the relaxed face expression on Sara's face like he saved her from all this nonsense. He felt happy; when Sara came she asked "President, what can I do for you?", "Have lunch with me, I don't like having lunch alone" Jason said. Sara was startled she didn't knew why he is asking her to have lunch with her when he have his fiancé in office but she can't do anything apart from following his order she said "sure, President I will go and order food for both of us, what would you like to eat" "you" Jason said immediately but realized he said something wrong seeing Sara's red face and said "ahem .. I mean you don't need to order food is already on the table just serve it" Jason felt like he will not be able to control himself in front of Sara otherwise she might get scared and he can't think of her being awa

ason said "I am feeling jealous of you, you can stay with her but me I have to come up with some excuses just to see her" Tax felt his pain "just have faith on your love Jason, I keep the call as Sara is here" with that he hung up the call. Jason also left the office after finishing his work as he always has his dinner with his kids. When he reached home and started changing his shoes both the kids came jumping "daddy…you are back we missed you and Mumma also" said Alice. Jason squatted down on his knees and took both the kids in his arms and stood took them towards sofa and said "just give Daddy few minutes to freshen up Daddy will be back in few minutes and by that time you watch TV" after saying that he stood from sofa kissed the cheeks of both little kids and left to his room.

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