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   Chapter 32 Engaged

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Updated: 2020-02-04 11:04

Sara went to cafeteria to bring coffee for Jason but Rose also followed her and when Sara was about to turn and leave Rose said "let me tell you a secret Sara, you Jason and I are engaged he is my fiancé" when Sara heard this she stopped in her tracks as she felt a little pinch of pain in her heart which she don't know why but still she said to Rose with smile "congratulations Miss?" Rose immediately said with high attitude "for now you can call me Rose but later you will have to call me Madam" Sara just gave a week smile and was about to leave Rose spoke again "don't mention it to anyone in the office even infront of Jason as he don't like to mix personal and professional things, I work here just he wants to see me everyday hope you will understand miss Sara" Sara nodded and left on the way back she felt hatred for Rose which she also don't know why? She felt Jason is only hers but she nodded her head and pushed away all these thoughts and tried to explain herself that she is just sister of his friend so he is helping her how she could think like these.

Sara reached to Jason's office door and knocked the door and his voice "come in"

and and said "Miss Sara please tell me my schedule of the day". Sara narrated him his schedule and left Jason wanted to stop her he wanted her infront of him all the time but he didn't had any reasons to do that after that he made himself busy in his work. Soon it was lunch time Jason wanted to have lunch with Sara but he can't do that directly but he wanted to know with whom Sara was having lunch he unlocked his phone and wanted to see Sara in secretary office but her work station was empty he thought she must be in office canteen when he went to canteen footage he saw Sara seating there and Rose was with her but there were many men seating around her and trying to talk Sara and Sara was not comfortable. Jason felt like his had volcano blast in his mind.

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