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   Chapter 31 Family

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Updated: 2020-02-04 11:02

Sara stayed at Tax house for two days but she felt empty, she thought that she was missing someone but don't know whom, she was feeling that very important part of her body was torn away but she had no idea, when she tries to ask Tax he just says "give sometime to yourself don't push hard it is not good for your health, please don't stress yourself". Sara didn't had anything to say, today she was preparing for her first day in office after her memory loss she don't know how she is going to manage her work, will she be able to deal with all the things around her she was damn nervous but whenever thought of Jason flashes in her mind she don't know why but she felt relaxed.

Sara stepped in the reception after Tax dropped Sara; office was far from Tax's place so it took long time to reach office. Once she reached at reception Zack was already waiting to receive her they both went to Jason's office, when Zack opened the door Rose was inside already when Jaso

ll the time even in meetings noting down each and every details. Sara was trying to listen everything when she felt gaze on her when she looked around she found Rose seeing at her she smiled back at her and Rose smiled in return. When Zack was done explaining Sara he stood straight and asked Sara "I hope you understood you can call me in case of any confusion" .Sara nodded positively. After that Zack came back to Jason's office and reported him every details after listening to Zack, Jason said "keep a close watch on Rose I want all her activity details". Jason had access of cctv of secretary office he wanted to watch Sara all the time.

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