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   Chapter 30 Family

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Updated: 2020-02-03 15:14

God knows how badly Jason wanted to say that I am your family and our kids are your family but he took hold on his on his feelings and turned and said with heavy heart "you are an orphan but you take Tax as your elder brother" and left without giving space for discussion. Once he left Sara's room he was standing in the lobby and thinking why got was against his happiness first he didn't had Sara for three years by his side now she lost her memory why is he not able to have a happy family.

Jason went to office to settle everything so that he can get Sara as his secretary in this way he will be able to protect her all the time and he also has to think to settle the scores with Rose and the person for whom Rose was working he was sure that Rose would not have that g

to Tax's house and now he was waiting for Tax to come out. When Tax came out and reached to Jason, Jason asked him "how is she?, is she comfortable here if not I will do the other arrangements" Tax heard him and felt his concern for Sara and said "don't worry she is fine and I, her brother is with her" Jason felt relieved and said "how can I introduced kids to her, kids are missing her" He was willing to everything to keep kids happy but he didn't knew how to break the news to kids about Sara's memory loss.

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