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   Chapter 28 Two Months

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Updated: 2020-02-01 08:20

Jason picked up the call with trembling hands and said "hello" from the other hand his daughter said "Dad why are you not back yet where is Mumma we are missing you" Jason tried hard and said " Mumma is not feeling well she is in hospital uncle Harry will bring you two to see your Mumma" and hung up the call, stood from sofa composed himself and said "Tax I can't say thanks to you for the things you have done for me, you saved Sara for all these years my only family and my love, but I can promise you one thing people who made her suffer will suffer 10 times of her sufferings" after saying this he left for hospital.

When he reached hospital kids had already reached when they saw Jason coming they ran towards him and Alice his daughter asked "why is Mumma like this what happened to her why she is so lean, you said you will take care of are bad Dad that's why Mumma left you, you didn't took good care of her" kids w

ime. Sometimes Lora and sometimes Harry will bring food and kids for visit to Sara. Jason asks every day to Scot about Sara's health four five times. Scot told him many times that "Jason….Sara might not wake up in this life she might wake up two months or two years so you don't need to stay in hospital" but Jason turn deaf whenever Scot ask him to leave hospital and says "I will wait till my last breath and won't leave her alone, what if she wake up and don't find me next to her?" Scot felt like Jason was behaving like kid who don't want to go away from his favorite toy Scot felt helpless and didn't said anything further.

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