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   Chapter 27 Sara’s suffering of three years

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2588

Updated: 2020-01-29 11:16

Tax took Jason to his study in his house and closed the door asked Jason to seat. He started his laptop and started showing him the photos and said these are the photos and letter Sara got in parcels three years ago, when Jason saw the photos' it was his and Rose photos but as much as he remember he had never clicked any picture with Rose and read the letters also after that Tax played an audio it was the same audio where Rose called Sara and spoke to her Tax had managed to get the taped because of his underworld connects, when Jason heart what Rose said to Sara about being the Surrogate mother and all the crap now he understood why Sara left him without letting him give any explanation because she thought he loved Rose, he was feeling the unbearable pain that his

w and many feeling were flowing in his mind. He asked Tax "if you knew everything why didn't you inform me?" Tax said "first because of the promise made to Sara and secondly I wanted to know how and why Rose did this? Did she got any help if yes than who is that person, I was investigating this for past three years but didn't get through it and expect you also to do things but without anyone knowing it". Jason's phone rang and it was from his home that means his kids are calling him to know about their Mumma.

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