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   Chapter 26 Lost Sara

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2619

Updated: 2020-01-29 11:15

Today kids were asking for Sara and not ready to negotiate for anything they missed their Mumma they wanted to meet her so Jason came early to pick Sara to take her home, when he opened the door whole Mansion was dark no lights were on he had a bad feeling, he switched on the lights and ran towards their bedroom shouting her name but he was not getting any reply he panicked and started looking her every corner of the house lastly he reached to kitchen and the view in kitchen froze him at his place. Sara was lying lifeless on the floor soaked in blood he ran took her in his arms and ran out asked driver to head to Scots' hospital, he was crying like mad he cannot afford to lose Sara he will die, he was talking to lifeless Sara "please Sara wake up, I am sorry, I am so sorry pl

birth to your kids she would have died but she took that risk because she said "this is the blessing i got from god and Jason's only thing with me I would die but will not abort the child" Jason was shocked to hear what Tax said and he grabbed Tax's shirts color and asked "how do you know all these?" Tax said "because the person you are looking for is me, yes I am the one who was helping Sara all these years" Tax grabbed Jason's shirt and dragged him and said "come I will tell you the mystery of these three years".

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