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   Chapter 25 In Prison

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Updated: 2020-01-28 14:22

Next day Sara woke up around 11am when she tried to get up from the bed she had shooting pain in her whole body she hardly managed to go to bathroom and cleaned herself, she came down and saw that she was along in the house she headed towards the door but to her dismay door was locked she looked each and every corner of the house to see if she can escape from any way but she didn't get any way out she collapsed on her knees and started crying, she cried for long time and she slept on the sofa while crying she got up due to some noise when she opened her eyes Jason was standing infront of her with same cold face with no emotions she got scared and tried to move to the corner of the sofa but Jason scooped her from sofa ignoring her struggles and took her to their room and threw her on the bed and pinned her under him and said "this is the life you have chosen for yo

his pain for 3 years and you can't take it for half month".

Sara felt like she can never escape this place neither she can see her kids and the only person she loved hates her, she was not able to take it anymore, it was evening she went to kitchen got one knife with her shaky hands and slit her other hand blood started flowing on the floor Sara sat on the floor taking support of kitchen cabinets and started losing her conscience she just wished that she could she her kids for the last time with that thought she mumbled "Mum, your daughter is coming" and closed her eyes.

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