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   Chapter 24 Little him

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Updated: 2020-01-28 14:20

As he stepped towards Sara he heard very cute little voice "how dare you bully our Mumma? Who are you uncle stay back.. Jason was shocked when he heard the kids addressing Sara as Mumma and when he looked down boy looked exactly like him and the little girl was replica of Sara but she does not seems to be gentle like Sara only by looks of the kids Jason can say that they were his kids he kneeled infront of the kids and asked "ok kiddos I won't bully your Mumma but where is your Dad?" he wanted to know what Sara had told to the kids about their Father he was staring Sara all the time and in same time he got answer from his daughter "Our Dad is no more, he died long back we don't have Dad" Jason was beyond pissed he wanted to punish Sara badly how could she do such things how could she keep away his kids from him but he had to control his anger for his kids he then took both the kids in his arms and said "if I say that I am your Dad and your Mumma is angry with me over silly thing you guys will believe me?" he asked in a pleading voice, kids didn't know what to respond they were looking at Sara and Sara's face expression told them that whatever Jason was saying was correct stil

e king size bed and before she could seat again Jason hovered over her and pinned and hands above her head and said angrily "who is the person who helped you all these years? How can you do this to me Sara just for a small misunderstanding? It seems I treated you very well now you will see the real side of Jason Devis you kept my kids away now you will feel the pain of staying away from our kids" before Sara could reply him Jason kissed her fiercely and started undressing her Sara was crying pleading him "Jason please let me go, please don't to this, please I beg you please please let me go Jason" but Jason seems to be turned deaf and his anger took over his love and he took Sara his way, he tortured her till morning 3am when Sara was about to faint, he got up and left the mansion.

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