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   Chapter 23 New Boss

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 4886

Updated: 2020-01-27 13:55

It was a normal Monday morning for Sara she woke up at her alarms and went to her kid's room, she had twins one super intelligent cute boy and sweet little angel like daughter they both were only the reason for her to live. Boy had the complete look of Jason same hair, eyes nose, face IQ but he was soft in nature not arrogant like Jason but her daughter was really cute with puppy eyes her looks were more like Sara but nature was just like Jason arrogant !!! But both the kids were very much protective towards their Mum.

Sara opened the door and woke up the kids got the ready trio had their breakfast and left home. Sara dropped kids to their kindergarten and headed to office, when she reached at reception she noticed some commotion but ignored she always tried to stay away from others matters, so she went to the lift and headed to President's floor which was on 12th floor as he was the secretory of the President. When she reached her work station and started her laptop and then the mail shocked her which mentioned that company was sold over the weekend and all the employees were given the salary double of current and no information of the buyer company was mentioned, she thought that means he might have work with some other person she felt stressed that what kind of person new President will be earlier President was like a father figure for her and helped her a lot in learning her work and being best at it. When she was engrossed in her tho

iately went to her kids Kindergarten and picked her kids and went back home packed her and kid's stuff and headed towards airport and as she had already booked the ticket when she left the office.

She reached airport and was walking as fast as she can, kids had never seen their Mum so worried, so they didn't speak anything till now but now gathering some courage Alen her son asked in his sweet voice "Mum are you alright why are so worried?" Sara said "nothing much sweety we need to check in first" and she was just about to go to check in trio was surrounded by almost 15 back suited bodyguards now she was shit scared. Jason walked in from the path given by the bodyguards he was looking damn handsome he was wearing a dark blue suit fitted properly to his body, his both hands were his pocket but his face shows that he was very angry right now. He came and stood infront of Sara and said while greeting his teeth "How dare you to think of leaving me again Sara"

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